Become a Member

Pine Ridge Swim Club is owned by the membership and is for the exclusive use of the members and their guests. Membership to Pine Ridge Swim Club is governed by the by-laws. If you have any questions call the pool at 410 882-7382 or email us your questions. To join Pine Ridge Swim Club, complete the Membership Application and mail it to the following address with a $50 check payable to Pine Ridge Swim Club.

Pine Ridge Swim Club
ATTN: New Membership Application
P.O. BOX 42117
Baltimore, MD 21284

The $50 fee is nonrefundable.

As the membership is capped at 300 families, if no spots are available, your name will be placed on a wait list. As spots become available when current members surrender their membership, membership is offered to the next family on the wait list.

Purchase a Membership Bond:

The current price for PRSC membership bonds is $380. When a membership becomes available, the membership committee will notify the next applicant of their acceptance in writing. The applicant must pay the bond in full within fifteen (15) days of notification of acceptance.
If you do not submit the funds within the appropriate timeframe, then your name is removed from the waitlist. There is no “move me to the bottom of the list” option. Should you wish to reapply to the Club and be reinstated on the waiting list, you will be required to pay the non-refundable application fee again.

Paying Your Dues:

Each member pays annual membership dues to help run and maintain the pool facility for the season. Dues are established annually by the board of directors. Invoices for the annual dues are mail by February 1st and are payable in full by March 1st. While a 30 day grace period is given, all dues must be paid in full by March 31st. Any dues accepted after March 31st must be accompanied by the $40.00 late fee. Dues paid after April 30th will be assessed a $75.00 late fee. Unpaid memberships will be terminated as of May 15th unless otherwise authorized by the Pool President.
For first year family, dues are payable within 30 days of invoice or the opening day of the pool, whichever comes first.
For current membership fees, please see the price page.

Membership Incentive Program:

Please encourage your friends/family/neighbors to join Pine Ridge Swim Club. If they join you will receive a $50 referral fee. Simply fill out this form and have the new member print and sign it. Have the new member send this form along with their membership bond payment. Please print MIP form and turn into the pool front desk.

Selling your membership:

If you are interested in selling your membership in the Pine Ridge Swim Club, please note that the Club opens new memberships to potential members on the wait list on January 1st. New members have 30 days to submit payment once they have been notified that a membership has become available. Families that are selling memberships will receive their reimbursement funds as soon as new member’s payments