Become a Member

Now accepting applications for our August membership.

$200 for membership until the end of the season. Additional $25 application fee also applies. Find the application here.

*Contact for more information.*

Pine Ridge Swim Club is owned by the membership and is for the exclusive use of the members and their guests. Membership to Pine Ridge Swim Club is governed by the by-laws. If you have any questions call the pool at 410 882-7382 or email us your questions. To join Pine Ridge Swim Club, complete the Membership Application and mail it to the following address with a $50 check payable to Pine Ridge Swim Club.


Pine Ridge Swim Club
ATTN: New Membership Application
P.O. BOX 42117
Baltimore, MD 21284

The $50 fee is non refundable.

Own YOUR Swim Club:

At Pine Ridge Swim Club members of the pools are also owners of our pool. Unlike other area pools WE, as members and owners, run our pool through a Board of Directors. We vote in a board that consists of volunteers that meet every month.

When you become a member we ask you to pay a one time Membership Fee (or Bond fee). This amount is $380. This makes you an owner as well as a voting member of our pool. If you decide to surrender your membership in the future this amount will be reimbursed to you upon sale of your membership.

Paying Your Dues:

Each member pays annual membership dues to help run and maintain the pool facility for the season. Dues are established annually by the board of directors. Invoices for the annual dues are mail by February 1st and are due by March 1st. Payment options are available on the Price page.

For current membership fees, please see the Price page.