Pool & Grounds

The Pool & Grounds Committee is committed to keeping OUR pool and the surrounding grounds area clean, safe, and beautiful! We strive to keep up the general maintenance, and to resolve any issues, expeditiously, to keep our pool safe and operational.

  • If any member has any talents which can be useful for the upkeep/general maintenance of our pool, please let us know.
  • If any member finds any issue that needs immediate attention, please let the pool manager or a staff member know so that the issue can be resolved.

Please remember that ALL of us, as members, are owners of our pool. Please help to keep our pool clean and beautiful!

One way of doing this is by helping out at our Spring and Fall Clean-ups! On these days we work to prepare the pool for the upcoming season (raking, picking up sticks, planting). You can also earn MPP hours by helping at these clean-ups! These dates will be posted on our website as they become available.

Whether you are helping out at one of our clean-ups or simply just picking up a candy wrapper, please help us to take pride in the appearance of our pool!

Email us if you have a question or concern!