Swim Lessons

To signup please see the front desk at the pool.

Level 1: Water Exploration (No Pre-requistes)

  • Fully submerge face
  • Supported front float
  • Supported back float
  • Bubble blowing
  • Supported kicking on front
  • Supported kicking on back
  • Introduction of alternating arm stroke

Level 2: Fish

  • Hold breath and fully submerge face
  • Jump into shallow water
  • Front float and back float
  • Rhythmic breathing (10 times)
  • Flutter kick on front and back
  • Back crawl arm stroke
  • Combine stroke on front
  • Combine stroke on back
  • Turning over front to back
  • Turning over back to front

Level 3: Future Piranhas (Preparation to meet swim team requirements)

  • Flutter kick with a kickboard
  • Full lap of freestyle
  • Treading water in the deep end
  • Diving in the deep end
  • Introduction to back stroke